Existence exists!  Existence understands.
         Everything else singulates from there.

Singer, songwriter, scientist, and businessman, Alvin Warwas, coming to you
from Berkeley, California,  home of the "Think Global, Tax Local" crowd.
You can now see the video of "Pitch To Barry" on YouTube.
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There's a really amusing fantasy video of Barry at:      

As time goes by BootlegThis  will contain some of my works, musings, and challenges.   
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Years ago, I read an interesting book which  was set on some island in the south Pacific  
which had a bit about a witch doctor who  changed himself into a cassowary bird to fly.  
Does anyone know where I could get  this book today?  By the way, I know cassowary
birds cannot fly.  They are like big aggressive turkeys.  Wild turkeys can fly.

                      Some pithy comments:  

When are these dinosaurs going to turn  into oil?

Empowerment corrupts and absolute empowerment corrupts absolutely.

It may take a bleep of faith, but you get snow  at those platitudes.

The sun has been up since dawn and it is beginning to bug me.

LAST UPDATED December 20, 2013 Copyright   © AW 2013
The "Pitch To Barry" CD  is a collectible with great graphics including a picture of     
Barry hitting his 691st homer at PacBell Park.        Photo by Alvin Warwas.
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